Anglo Celtic Plate 100k 2021 Selection Policy

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2021 Anglo Celtic Plate 100k
Saturday 21st August 2021, Mondello Park Motor Circuit Nass, County Kildare, Ireland
Selection Date 1 July 2021
Selection Policy – published May 2021
The Anglo-Celtic Plate 100km Home International Team Race will take place at Mondello Park Motor Circuit Naas, County Kildare. Ireland on Saturday 21st August 2021. Welsh Athletics continues to value the Anglo Celtic Plate Home International and the role it plays in developing Welsh athletes at a distance beyond the Marathon. The best ultrarunners in the UK and Ireland are expected to compete in this event.
Teams of up to 5 Men and 5 Women may be selected. Athletes who wish to be considered for selection should communicate all performances of races up to, and beyond the Marathon to the Team Manager: Arwel Lewis – Tel: 07772302411.
Times required for consideration for selection are:
• Marathon – men 2:40, women 3:10.
• 50 km – men 3:25, women 3:50
• 40 miles – men 4:50, women 5:35
• 100 km – men 8:45, women 9:30
These performances need to be achieved between 1st June 2019 and 30th June 2021 and must be achieved in competitions organised or authorised by World Athletics, its Area Associations or its National Member Federations
Selection date: Selection will take place on 1st July 2021 and the teams will be announced as soon as possible after this date. It will be necessary for current fitness to be evident prior to selection and athletes to be injury free. In exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Welsh Athletics Head Coach, the selection committee has the discretion to consider other performances outside of the selection criteria where deemed necessary. There shall be no right of appeal to the selection of the Welsh Team made by the Selection Panel.
Selection of all athletes is subject to agreement of the athlete’s racing programme between the date of selection and the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k Home International Race by the Welsh Athletics Selection Committee.
Policy Aim
The selection panel will attempt to select the best team possible to represent Wales.
Athlete Eligibility
To be considered for selection, athletes must satisfy the following.
1. Be eligible to compete for Wales by either:
a. Birth
b. Parentage
c. Retention
d. Residence (minimum 2 years)
2. Have achieved the selection standard
Selection Process
The selection meeting will take place on Thursday 1st July 2021. The Selection Panel will consist of 3 members of Mountain and Trail Committee (Voting) plus either the Welsh Athletics National Head Coach or the Welsh Athletics Programme Manager (Voting and an independent observer (non-voting).
There is no obligation to fill all available positions.
There is no automatic selection for this event. In coming to its decision, the Panel will consider the following criteria (in no particular priority order):
1. Current form
2. 2019 form (
3. Future potential and associated progression / development
4. Head to head competitive records
5. Previous / other Event – Championship performances
6. Injury status
7. Athletes who are supportive of Welsh Athletics
8. Any other factors that, in the panel’s opinion, give Wales the best chance of success in the match

Selected athletes will be informed by e-mail by Saturday 3rd July 2021. The team will be announced on Wednesday 7th July 2021.
Welsh Athletics is committed to offering equal opportunities to all of the athletes in Wales. Any Welsh athlete is eligible to be selected and will be considered as part of the selection process, providing they have achieved all that is laid out within this selection policy. Welsh Athletics will not discriminate in the selection of any athlete on the basis of any protected characteristic Covid Protocols
All athletes and team staff selected will be subject to Government Guidance at the time of this event in respect of dispensation to travel and compete.
Appeals Process
There shall be no right of appeal to the selection of the Welsh team made by the Panel.
De-Selection Process
De-selection of an athlete may occur following;
1. Failure to achieve the standard fitness testing protocols
2. Failure to adhere to the Welsh Athletics athlete code of conduct
In the event that an athlete sustains an injury following acceptance of their position on the team, they are required to inform the Team Manager immediately.
Confirmation of Team Staff
The following positions will be confirmed by the Panel following the selection of the athletes:
1. Team Manager
2. Team Coaches
Welsh Athletics reserves the right to amend this Selection Policy at its sole discretion and will make any amended version publicly available (including the date on which the amendment was made) at
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